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Winterizing moorings need not be as difficult as some methods make it. The 5’ x 2” PVC pipe is used in bays and inlets from Maine to New York. The design has been proven by more than 15+ years of use.

The counter-weighted, foamed in place, Winter Stick, floats upright with about 18” being exposed above the water. The base of the Winter S tick is well below the ice allowing for attachment to the mooring chain with rope, without fear that the ice will cut the line.

Island Mooring Supplies, llc Winter Sticks are easy to handle and take up little space, thus facilitating greater productivity and less storage requirement. The PVC pipe need not be painted with an antifouling. A power wash in the spring is more than adequate.

In summary, The Island Mooring Supplies, llc Winter Stick is a well proven design that facilitates visability, ease of handling and reduced operational cost.