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When a blow is coming and your own a boat one the first thoughts that come to mind is do I have enough lines on the boat. If you have a spare pendant do you remember where you stored it. As a boat owner most of us have had this experience and that is the reason we developed the IMS Storm Pendant.

Our pendant is manufactured with a 10,000# breaking strength double acting safety clip spliced onto a 5/8” x 20’ (bitter end whipped) double braid line with a tensile strength of 12,200#. A 6’ length of nylon chafe sleeve comes standard with IMS Storm Pendant. The line is bright orange to facilitate recognition when time is of the essence.

To obtain the 10,000# breaking strength we wanted in a double acting safety clip we chose zinc coated steel clip that we feel complements the 12,200# tensile strength of our line. Since the clip is not stainless steel we recommend the storm pendant be reserved for its intended purpose and not daily use.